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If you need permission to use one of Capitol CMG's songs or recordings, you've come to the right place. Please click the 'click here to use our music' button below to begin your request. Our online licensing application allows you to submit your request, pay online and print your license in one quick and easy process.

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Custom License
Custom licenses (mechanical, synch, print, digital and master) are for churches, ministries or individuals who plan to record or use our songs or recordings for their own personal purpose. This license does allow you to sell your product and is generally for anyone manufacturing less than 5,000 copies. A one time licensing fee is paid for a set amount of units.

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Online Licensing Tutorial

We have created a step by step tutorial that will walk you through the process of requesting a license, start to finish! Please choose which format you would like to view.

Commercial Song License

If you need to request a commercial license for mechanical, synchronization, digital or print please go here www.capitolcmgpublishing.com

Commercial Master License

If you want to license a master sound-recording owned by Capitol CMG for commercial purposes, please send an email to licensing@capitolcmgpublishing.com